In the Swim – April Edition Vol. 2

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“Tinned Gourmet”

The Elle Spanish edition featured several beautiful cans from Tricana, Minor, Prata do Mar, José Gourmet, Minerva, Porthos, Pinhais, Santa Catarina, praising these delicacies and their beautiful package designs.

“The tins invasion”

The Spanish newspaper El Pais published an article about how fashionable canned fish is nowadays and doesn’t forget to mention the high quality Portuguese products. They also write (though too briefly I must say) about the famous restaurant Can the Can in Lisbon, which prepares wonderful dishes with these Portuguese delicacies.

“One of the world’s best chefs always has canned fish at his home..what about you?”

Daniel Boulud, a multi-michelin-world renowned-french chef gave an interview to Yahoo food and when asked about the must-have food products at his home…he answered canned fish of course (that and salt, a selection of vinegars, some fancy oils, a bunch of different types of mustard and French charcuterie)! He even provided a quick recipe using canned fish.

“Gold Medal for Santa Catarina”

The brand Santa Catarina has already a nice collection of awards, but they managed to take home five more at 4th Concurso Nacional de Conservas de Pescado – Portugal (Canned Fish Portuguese National Contest), including the gold medal for the new Tuna Fillet with Pepper from the Azores.  Can’t wait to try it!

“Items we love right now”

Hopefully they keep loving them afterwards too! The Bela – Portuguese Sardines in Spring Water are in the list of the Cooking Light – editor’s picks!

In the Swim – April Edition Vol. 2

In the Swim – March Edition Vol.1

reading the news

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Since being “in the swim” is an expression to say something or someone is on the mainstream or is the centre of attention, I found it an appropriate name for this posts category.

Every once in a while I’ll post my personal collection of news about Portuguese canned seafood.  Note that, this is not meant to be an exhaustive list of everything that comes up about this topic! My web searching skills only go so far and your attention span too.

You’ll find in each post “In the Swim”:

1. A quote from the article or an alternative title of my own;

2. The link to the original article (the article I’m featuring might not always be in English…Portuguese, Spanish, German or French are also possible choices);

3. A small personal comment to give you a picture of its content – note it’s my own opinion of what’s worth underlining, and you know what they say about opinions: … everyone has one (not quite but close enough).

Sounds good? So let’s see where our fish in tins swam to!

“Conservas are the next big thing ”

One visionary chef believes that canned fish will be on more restaurant menus. He’s Grant van Gameren and he just opened a “Bar Raval” in Toronto where he puts Portuguese and Spanish canned seafood goodies on the table.

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“Minister words”

The Portuguese government acknowledged the growing impact of fishing and canned seafood industry on the national economy and announced a significant investment in those areas.  About 65.2 million euros (65,200,000€, I like to write down the full figure, to have a better feeling about how much it is) are planned for 17 new and modernized factories by the end of 2015. So many factories in so little time! Chop chop!

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“The Best I Can”

The Portuguese National Association for the Canned Fish Industry (“Associação Nacional da Indústria de Conservas de Peixe”) and the restaurant “Can the Can” at Terreiro do Paço -Lisboa, are presenting every month a new dish using…you know it: canned fish!

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“Portuguese canned fish on its way to Cuba”

Since EU-Cuba relations have been normalised, Portugal is exploring new business relationships, and guess what? One of the agreements (according to this article) was to start exporting Portuguese canned fish to Cuba.

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Timeframe: 1-11 March 2015

In the Swim – March Edition Vol.1