IFeatured image live away from the sea and I miss it. I was born in Portugal, in Lisbon, a city facing the river Tagus flowing into the Atlantic sea. I lived most of my live in the outskirts of the Portuguese capital and spent my vacations mostly in the south of the country  – the Algarve. The sea was always important for me. I love its smell, its sounds and the food it provides.

Leaving that sunny country in the seaside was a difficult choice for me, but one that I had to do. Don’t get me wrong, I’m quite satisfied with my life in a German city hundreds of kilometres from the sea, but if I would be told that I couldn’t spend at least a few days at the beach during a whole year I would go berserk.

So you get what I’m saying: I really like the seaside and the sea flavours.

Unfortunately, for my taste buds, good fish and seafood is not easy to come by when you live in Germany. So I started taking an interest on the canned version of these goods.

Each time I would travel to Portugal, I would bring a generous quantity of tins containing tasty silver sardines embedded in rich olive oil, wonderful mackerels in spicy tomato sauce, slices of Azorean tuna with olive oil and perfumed with thyme, and many other wonders. It was the taste of home with an easy opening.

And because I started enjoying so much these little tins of goodness, I decided to write about it and share my discoveries about the different types of fish and seafood that you can find in a closed tin. Namely, about the ones of Portuguese origin. Maybe one of these days I’ll go a bit beyond this spectrum, but I have to start somewhere, so why not start with something I already have a connection with?




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